meet the photographer

Before you share your story...

...let me share you mine.

I’m a self-taught photographer, avid adventurer, skier and proud mum of two little rascals.

I have been a photographer for close to 20 years now, and that journey has led me to visit amazing places, meet incredible people, and experience life in an entirely new way. I don’t see it as my only job is to take good photos, but I want to help you have the best possible experience.

When I’m not photographing people, you can often find me playing tennis, being with my kiddos or travelling.

I love random chats about life, travelling and creating art. When we meet, I can promise you 2 things - you'll have a good time as well as beautiful photo memories that we’ll create together.

a girl sitting on the edge of the cliffs in malta
a skier girl in the mountains surrounded by snow in a helmet and googles
a couple in a small airplane enjoying the flight
a girl climbing on Kjerag in Norway
a girl taking a photo next to the rocks in malta
a girl taking a photo out of a car with the reflection in the car's mirror
a person is taking a photo of another in the sunset on a road in Norway

In the past 5 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people, assisted them with planning, picking the location, creating a timeline. All this knowledge I’m happy to share with you.