There's something undeniably magical about newborns—their tiny, delicate features, the softness of their skin, and the way they curl up in your arms, trusting and content. These little bundles of joy arrive with a purity and innocence that brings an unparalleled sense of wonder, filling our hearts with an overwhelming love we never knew was possible.

Capturing these magical moments of new life is a privilege. Documenting the joy and love between new parents and their little ones and the delicate details of each newborn is an honour. Nothing is more magical than witnessing the start of a new life and family.

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What is lifestyle newborn photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is a more relaxed, natural approach to capturing newborns, focusing on the genuine connection and emotions between the baby, parents, and siblings. It typically takes place in the family's home or other meaningful settings, capturing candid moments and using natural light.

How should we prepare for the session?

Keep your home tidy but comfortable, as the photographer will capture your natural surroundings. Prepare a few outfits for the baby and family members, leaning towards soft, neutral colors that complement each other. Ensure the baby is fed and comfortable before the session begins.

Can we include siblings and pets in the session?

Absolutely! Lifestyle newborn photography is all about capturing the family's dynamic and connections. Including siblings and pets can make the images even more special and personal.

How soon will we receive our photos?

You can expect to receive your edited images within 2 weeks of the session.

When should I schedule my lifestyle newborn session?

Although the first two weeks after birth are generally recommended for traditional newborn sessions, lifestyle sessions can be more flexible. It's still best to schedule within the first month after birth to capture those early, tender moments with your little one.

How long does a lifestyle newborn session last?

Lifestyle newborn sessions usually last around 2 hours, providing enough time for feeding, diaper changes, and soothing the baby as needed. The session's pace is often dictated by the baby's comfort and mood.

What should we wear for the session?

Choose comfortable, coordinating outfits that reflect your family's style. Soft, neutral colours work well, and it's best to avoid overly busy patterns or large logos. Keep accessories minimal and focus on the connection between family members.

Can we order prints or albums from the session?

We offer a range of products, including prints, wall art, and custom albums. If you are not sure what is the best way to display and cherish your images, let us know, and we will be happy to discuss the different options available.


Afshan A.

a baby in blue bear hat cuddling a knitted blue bear

Gabriella is so talented! She created the most wonderful memories for us with our newborn. Not just the photographs but the whole experience was just amazing. I would highly recommend her!

Pricing & Packages

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Newborn Photo Session


* 2-hour session
* at the comfort of your home
* Password-protected online gallery with free downloads
* 35 beautifully edited images
* Printing rights

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